The Fox Run

Happy International Women's Day. What better way of celebrating this day but with reflection on an East Coast women's camping event that started in the Spring of 2016 called The Fox Run.  The Fox Run was started with women in mind after the success of Babe's Ride Out by a separate group of women in the Lancaster and Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania--they wanted to be able to celebrate the motorcycle lifestyle with other women on the East Coast. 

The Fox Run group has since grown to having many contributors and volunteers from all over and remains to stay a more low key-less commercialized than some of the other similar "women who ride" events. The Fox Run is an open community and in particular this event gives women a place to come together to have fun and feel safe doing it whether you ride or not. It is a place where the environment is warm and everyone wants to help out--where you won't be judged but instead admired. 

The Fox Run group also did an all inclusive (for men and women) fall camp on the same camping grounds in the Lancaster area. 

As you can see in the galleries, the numbers and familiar faces grow each other and I hope that many of you will attend this year's (2018) third Fox Run to experience what I would describe it as...

Where you can be you, get wild, and don't have to worry about any ill intent.

Check out their Instagram and their website for more information on the upcoming Fox Run, May 18-20.

Gallery above: The First Fox Run in 2016. 

Gallery above: The Second Fox Run in 2017.