What is the Triumph Speedmaster?

2018 Triumph Speedmaster, the fun of the Bonneville Bobber with the comfort of the Bonneville America.  

2018 Triumph Speedmaster, the fun of the Bonneville Bobber with the comfort of the Bonneville America.  

Triumph had promised the release of several models over the course of the five years—whether if it is entirely a new style or updating an existing style, they certainly have been delivering their promise. In the fall of 2017, they unveiled the 2018 Speedmaster at their Washington D.C. launch of the “Back in Black” tour (which also unveils their 2018 Bobber Black model).  

The Speedmaster was originally designed and released in 2002 with a 790cc engine, in 2005 with a 865cc engine, and in 2008 with fuel injection. It is their “custom” cruiser based on the Bonneville America model. Described as being closer to the style and heritage of Triumph than the America models were, the Speedmaster is certainly a competitor for classic, comfortable cruising motorbike markets.

Fast forward to today, the 2018 Speedmaster shares the same 6-speed 1200cc Bonneville engine as the 2017-2018 Bonneville Bobber, with 77Hp. It comes with array of features such as factory standard cruise control, switchable traction control, torque-assist clutch, ABS, two riding modes (road or rain), and a single-aesthetically pleasing digital gauge. It also is a nice low 28 inch seat height and surprisingly only 541 pounds, which is ideal for a variety of different riders and comfort.

My favorite thing about the Speedmaster is the variety of accessories available for it—one in particular that was memorable is one amazing premium seat they had on one of the models at the Port Clinton launch. It is literately the most comfortable seat that you wished was made available for every bike you have ever sat on and it cups your bottom so nicely (no seriously).

I can foresee that the 2018 Speedmaster will sell well and sell fast if the amount of deposits at the Port Clinton launch event was any indicator of that. Also with the fact of how well the Bobber has been selling since its original release in fall of 2016, there is definite expectation in that forecast.

If you’re tired of your Sportster or want the Triumph Bobber but want comfort in long distance travel, a passenger seat, and/or luggage, I implore you to go check out the 2018 Speedmaster. They will be available in March 2018 but you can see one in person at the closest “Back in Black” touring event (register at www.fortheridetour.com).

Even if it’s not your style, it is worth taking a look at and always a good time with Triumph. More information available on the Speedmaster at the Triumph site