Limited edition print: Kawasaki ZRX1200r

Limited edition print: Kawasaki ZRX1200r

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What do you get for your boyfriend for his birthday when he says he doesn't want anything?

A portrait of his bike.

This was a portrait of someone's bike that his girlfriend commissioned me and surprised him with. It was painted on a 9"x12" natural maple art board with 1-shot enamel paint. It took well over 20 hours. It was an awesome project, an amazing present, and an amazing bike. Winning all around.

If you can't commission me for a portrait of your bike, why not collect these ones for now? Put them in a frame and hang at your work desk. Clamp them to a wall in your garage to go with your posters and tin signs. Hang it up with a collection of other fast going things in your kid's room. ;)

-Limited to 100 prints


-Beautiful matte, textured giclee print (recommended) but also available in glossy, matte, and lustre photo finish

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