Adding Events to Calendar

If you are like me where you want to go everywhere and do everything but forget that you said "yes" to everything and need something to better plan your year. Especially visually in one place... That is why I created the Event Calendar. If I can use it as a tool for myself then I want to share it and make it something we can all contribute to.

With that said, all major and local (and international) motorcycle events are welcomed excluding brunches/dinners and happy hours unless they are for a specific charity or event... 

There are a few requirements:

-It is an established event or an established group. For example, I have no problems with posting a local ride or together by local groups like DC Triumph.

-There is a website and logo associate with this event or group.

-A synopsis, logo, and website needs to be included in the request.

-You want to have new people come to your event. It wouldn't make sense if it was meant for just friends or members of a club to have your event on a public calendar.

-Minimum a month ahead of your planned event.


I will make or have exceptions to my rule because of my own discretion for the content of the event.

Thanks and I hope to fill up this calendar so we can never forget or be bored!


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